Getting Started with R and RStudio

Downloading R Downloading RStudio


LabIntroR.R (Getting Started with R programming)

LabDataInspection.R (Summary statistics, sub-samples)

R Colors

Graphs in base R.html


Data Camp Intro to R

Quick R

Visualizing Concepts in Probability Theory

Binomial.R (Illustrating pdf of Binomial distribution)

Sampling.R Sampling and Estimation.html (Visualization of unbiased and consistent estimator)

CLT.R (Visualization of Central Limit Theorem)

Simple Regression Model

OLS game.xlsm (Understanding OLS)

LabOLS1.html (Introduction to OLS)

R-squared.html (Goodness of fit in OLS)

LabOLS2.R (Applications of simple regression model)

OLS_properties.html OLS_properties.R (Visualizing unbiasedness and consistency of OLS)

Lab_T_Test.html Lab_T_Test.R (Visualizing t-distribution and t-test of hypotheses)

R Markdown

Learn how to create fully edited documents with RStudio.

IntroRMarkdown.Rmd IntroRMarkdown.html (.RMD script generates the .html document)


Multiple Regression Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

OLS_multivariate.html Hypotheses.html LabOLS3.R

Stargazer_Intro.html Stargazer_Intro.R

NonLinear.html LabOLS4.R CAschool.R

LabMulti.html LabMulti.R

LabDummy.html LabDummy.R

LabSpecification.html LabSpecification.R

Steps in Applied Research (How to do empirical research project)

LabHetero.html LabHetero.R

Binary Choice Models

LabBinaryChoice.html LabBinaryChoice.R

Time Series Analysis

LabTimeSeries.html LabTimeSeries.R